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About us

Shenzhen Antai Hongye Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional CCTV monitoring system equipment research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. The main products include: video matrix, VGA matrix, digital matrix, HDMI matrix, mixed matrix, RGB matrix, AD matrix, Guangduan Ji, video distributor, control code distributor, control code merger and other peripheral equipment. The company has always been to "social and public security" as their duty and take the sustainable development of the "scientific and technological innovation" business road, adhere to the digital, network, integrated, industry-oriented development direction to a one-stop service brand image to the industry It is widely used in the construction of national safe city, finance, transportation, prisons, water conservancy, electric power, education, public security, medical, mine, subway and so on. The products are widely used in audio and video transmission control products from front end to backend and from hardware to software. Intelligent buildings and other industries, the industry has a high visibility and reputation, access to the industry and outside the general recognition.


100% rigorous quality inspection
Brand quality factory direct

Stability and strong

US imports of chips
The card mechanism is stable and durable

Free research and development

Have a professional design team
Products constantly updated to perfection

Serving the world

Serving the world

Card-type institutions
Stable and convenient easy to expand replacement

Input and output support VIDEO, VGA, Ypbpr, DVI, HDMI,
SDI and other signals

Support full HD display
4K HD resolution

With all HDTV resolutions and up to 1080p / 60Hz
1920 * 1200 resolution of the PC

High-end appearance
Standard Chassis Design

The main products include: video matrix, VGA matrix, digital matrix, HDMI matrix,
Hybrid matrix, RGB matrix, AD matrix, optical transceiver, video splitter, control
Code distributor, control code merger, and other peripheral equipment.

Multiple protection
Early prevention, multiple protection

Enterprises passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, all
products through China
The Ministry of Public Security testing certification, access to the Chinese city of
Ping'an recommended brand, the
International Security ExpoInnovation Products Award and the 3111 safe city
excellent recommended products
and many other honors.

Customer witness

Customer witness

We always focus on customer needs and industry trends, continue to increase R & D investment, adhere to the "science and technology to create quality" principle, to provide advanced, reliable high-performance audio and video surveillance products, and provide customized services, to create industry-leading high- Audio and video surveillance products. To provide efficient, fast, high-quality services.
    "Enthusiasm, integrity, innovation, professional" We always adhere to the "customer satisfaction" as the guide, determined to provide customers with customized products and one-stop service for partners to create long-term value.
Focus on customer needs Focus on customer needs

Pay attention to the development of customer demand and industry trends, continue to increase investment in research and development, adhere to the "science and technology to create quality". [Detailed]

Passion, integrity, innovation, professional Passion, integrity, inno.

Always adhere to the "customer satisfaction" as a guide, to provide customized products and one-stop service for customers to create long-term value for partners. [Detailed]

Industry news

Industry news

Special road camera purchase and listen to eight points

Special road camera purchase a.

At present, many within the scope of the performance, properly improved by reaso.


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